...there were fireworks.

Long ago in a far away land...

Michael & I met while in Grand Haven for the 4th of July. He was there with friends, I with family. We met at the Kirby and talked for two minutes on the 3rd, and then ran into each other again on the 4th- sat down to chat and there were fireworks. In the sky. Whatever. So- we talk about how he's a teacher, and I want to teach... he loves Neil Diamond... I love Neil Diamond. His friends mock us in our rainbow filled firework watching love and say, "You guys are getting married", "Rap, if she loves Neil Diamond you should just go buy a ring now." Every year we go back to GH for the 4th to celebrate us and America.

Fast forward 5 years. After a birthday camping trip up north, we head west to GH for the blessed holiday. He brought me McDs breakfast in bed, flowers... and I just kept thinking what a sweet anniversary! That evening we went down to the beach to throw the football and watch the sunset. After running a few routes, we sat down and he read me a litle something he wrote (he does this every year for my b-day usually). He stopped after the second to last stanza to correct something he had said... and then went on to read the rest in which he asked me to marry him. When he finally got out the box(the longest 45 seconds) I was lauging and crying and totally speechless. He had to open the box for me and take out the ring... Finally, I hugged him and said, "yes, of course".