...there were fireworks.

bridal bouquet

all the flowers are being done by The Parsonage in Clarkston Michigan. Liz is a dream and I'm so glad to be working with her.  unfortunately, my flower of choice (peony) is out of season by the wedding date. i'm not going to lie- i'm pretty bummed out. it is the indiana state flower &  my favorite. so, she's working up hydrangeas and blush roses and orchids and promises that i wont even remember what a peony looks like by the time july rolls around.


thanks to knottie keh2kes, these LOVELY david austin roses are going to be in the attendant bouqets. this specific bloom is the golden celebration. they aren't cheap- but they fit the color scheme perefectly an dthey look strikingly similar to peonies. i love them THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSS much. :)

another update...

met with fabulous liz this week and decided to switch up the CPs. we were going to do simple cubes with mixed arrangements BUT she said we could do this three piece combo with julep cups AND the yellow roses for less than originally planned. SO- rasberry hydrangea, yellow roses and white stock will complete the vintage/dated look that we're going for. BONUS she's going to buy all the glass that i had stocked up on for the other CPs.

* this photo courtesy of stage5clinger. i think.

Almost finished...

scrapbook paper, wooden numbers, spray paint... these are jut a few of the table numbers than M & I made.