...there were fireworks.

indiana shower

will be worn with my spanish heels. carmel brown with a wraparound strap. this dress is for the indiana shower which will take place in a park. are you feeling the garden? the swings? the river? ok good.

no, i can't wear the same thing to BOTH showers.

michigan shower is a little more formal. golf course, tables, garden theme. i was going to take this dress back and then i remembered the garden theme and decided to keep it. and it goes with the colors. i can't possibly take it back.  

well of course i needed shoes for that dress too.

these were in consideration for wedding shoes. then...my fashionista friend silently pointed out that these would also be great with the second shower dress. and it might be wise of me to break them in a little bit before the wedding. so. now i can't take them back either. i'm keeping them. thanks for the support.