...there were fireworks.

i have nothing to wear...

well, that was until i bought this jenny lee at elizabeth's bridal in novi. i was by myself and had tried on a dozen dresses when narmien told me she thought i'd look great in this dress. i hated it. i told her so. another girl had it on and i thought it was hideous and old fashioned and miserable. but i told her i'd humor her. and as soon as i slipped it on, i cringed. it was the most comfortable thing my skin had ever touched. i took one look in the mirror and said, "this is it".  i'm pretty sure she didn't believe me. and she didn't believe me the next three times i came in to try it on. but on the fourth visit when i came with my visa, i think started taking me seriously.

little girls.

jcrew fg dress. i originally wanted vintage yellow tutus, but somehow i got vetoed. so much for MY day. :) jk. these dresses are super cute and might even be worn again one day. (yep, i said that).

the groom and his merry men.

the boys will be in calvin klein super 100s shadow stripe three piece tuxes. the vest will match the jacket and pants. groom in a white striped tie, men in silver, dads in black. solid white shirt. ohhh my man is SO fine.