...there were fireworks.

pretty paper (trail)

Lori at Pretty Paper Trail is handling all of my paper needs. She's seriously the most patient person ever and doesn't give up until the design is just right. I heart her. 
I probably would have given my first born child (gladly) to have letterpress invites. However. Michael thinks I might miss the baby later on. SO... We will be sticking to thermography for our 4*9 invites. The ampersand she found will dominate the entire motif and will serve as the art for the entire suite. I can wait to see what she finishes up with!

close enough, right?

sooo, i found these from papersource.com (thanks wmiab). not exactly the yellow i was hoping for (IRL it is a little... off) but F-town loved it. so... i made a last ditch stop at write impressions in RO. and am satisfied with the colors we have. i keep telling myself that they are not the colors we are stuck with- but rather the colors we want.

sneaky peaky lemon drinky...

i just took this with my phone. better pictures to come...

Signed, Sealed,  delivered, they're yours!

Most of them went out like this one with yellow... the ribbon looks gold in this picture but it actually matches the envelopes pretty much right on...however a few were graced with the cripy berry which we all adore.

 Envelopes below... yes I hand addressed them all. And the stamps are from zazzle.


Hired help. :)

Michael was absolutely indispensable. Not only was he a diligent worker but he was also a great encouragement and an even better taco/beer fetcher. :)

official photos

from st. lori. :)